At Home Treatments For Glowing Skin | Bridal Tips

Every girl wants to look perfect on her wedding day. There are certain things like dress or makeup that can be achieved but to add the perfect bridal glow and radiance it's very important to take care of your skin. This can't be achieved overnight and thus, you must work towards it atleast 3-6 months before you wedding.

There are amazing home remedies that you could try ,that give you radiance. Along with using products on your skin it's important to eat right and keep your body clean by flushing out the toxins. Try and maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly which also helps to elevate your mood and helps relieve stress.

You will need:

homemade exfoliant : 1 tsp of coarse grind moong dal.
homemade facial exfoliating mask : 2 tbsp of mashed papaya.
homemade super skin juice : 1/2 beetroot, 1 tomato or amla, 1 carrot, 2-3 leaves of spinach, mint and coriander.

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27 Responses to “At Home Treatments For Glowing Skin | Bridal Tips”

  1. Aishwarya Katti

    Very helpful video… Plzz do one video all about lips… Such as remedy for uneven color of lips.. Tips and tricks for it…

    • Isah Mohammad

      I have spent months investigating best natural cure for blushing and found a fantastic website at Fergs Rosy Resource (google it if you’re interested)

  2. gina yoo

    how can I ged rid of facial hair?
    It would be so great if you can give me some advice.

    • Glamrs

      +gina yoo Hi there! We’ve made a video on Hair Removal Methods for Facial Hair 😉 Check it out here:

      Team Glamrs

    • anjali kawadkar

    • usha geethika


  3. Yuti Desai

    i took dis juice before one week of my marriage.but only beet n carrot and pinch of ny diet.but i think juice thoda aur jladi start kiyaa hota to……but it works before week only.alternet day besan+honey pack. n apply multani mati on hands,legs n wateva part is works wonders.

  4. Katzz Rahman

    Hv strted drinking the juice..thnks glamrs for this video

    • Khushboo Singh

      did you notice any improvement in skin?

    • Katzz Rahman

      Yes!!!my skin became good!!i had acne wch is going nd less hair fall!!nd also had irregular periods wch became regular this mnth!!!!Try out

    • malathi aimfill

      Katzz Rahman is your period regular now?

  5. Sudha Devi

    remedy for reducing weigth

  6. yamini sowmya pothina

    hi ur videos and explanations are very clear n love them a lot . i have a oily skin with pimples wat i have to do to reduce oil secretion pls help me

  7. Shikha Mishra such a big fan of yours! Thank you for all your videos..really helpful..:)

  8. Romi Dogra

    Who is this lady? Wow, she is such an expert.

  9. Samantha Reddy

    Awwww really really Amazing Information dear…its fenstastic… dear plzz suggest me how to get full body glowing & fairer bcz iam getting married,,plzz suggest me one best remedy fr my entire body…plzz dear rly

  10. Taslim Khan

    mind blowing tips

  11. Abhijeet Phadatare

    Super video

  12. mallika m

    Kya isse weight lose hoga.. bcz I don’t want to loose my weight.. I want to put on weight

  13. mallika m

    Also my upper lips are dark bcz of wax burnt. pls tell me any remedy. Its almost 3 months but still it’s not cured.

  14. Lakshmi balasubramani

    Thank you

  15. PPP Helpers

    Really very useful tips tq so much mam


    good speaking

  17. Preeti Khan

    mam 20 din bad meri shadi hain aur na jane day by day mera glow charm khatam ho raha hai give me some tips plz