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Here’s a list of all the essentials you need to pack inside your bride’s SOS kit to make sure your dream wedding goes perfectly.

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1) Lipstick / Gloss
Greeting friends and relatives can be tough work, if you need any touch-ups it's good to have your favourite lipstick handy.

2) Nail file
Broken nails happen when you least expect it, pack a nail file just in case.

3) Sure Maximum Protection
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4) Brush / comb
You might want to fix your hair incase it falls out of place, and a comb can be very useful.

5) Hairspray
Fight frizz and keep your hair in shape with some hairspray.

6) Spare tights
Don’t let a ladder in your tights spoil your big day. Pack a backup pair to be safe.

7) Simple wipes
Face wipes are gentle on the skin and great for cleaning away makeup, like lipstick from kisses on the cheek.

8) Small powder compact
It’s a special day but it can be a long one too. If you’re skin is looking shiny don’t be afraid to use a small powder compact.

9) Mini Sewing Kit
Just in case there is a button that needs fixing during the day.

10) Cotton buds
A few tears on the day are inevitable, and cotton buds are small and precise making it easy to clean up any mascara.

11) Soda water
In case you spill anything on your dress, soda water is a risk free rescue remedy.

12) Perfume
Perfume. We’ve all got our favourite. Pack yours and spray a little every now and again.

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