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"Want grooming tips for your wedding day? Want to take care of your skin before your wedding day? Want to learn few face cleaning tips? Want to look fresh on your wedding? Want good bridal tips? Have tried every grroming tip available to no success, whatsoever? Well here is the solution.
Wedding is one of the most important days, if not “The Most”, in one’s life. And we all know, be it a bride or a groom, want to look like a dream.
However, these expectations leads to anxiety and which may lead to lack of sleep and stress, which in turn leads to dark circles and drowsy eyes and can really affect your appearance.
Bride and Groom use many varieties of skin creams and remedies to look as fresh as possible.
In this wedding special video by Skinfiniti, renowned Cosmetics Dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad gives you 5 skin care tips for Brides and Grooms, to take care proper and easy care of your skin and eyes.
If you are getting married or someone you know is getting married, don’t forget to watch and share this video for an easy tutorial to look fresh and like a dream on the most important day of your life.

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38 Responses to “5 Skincare Tips For Brides & Grooms | Wedding special | Skincare | Skinfiniti”

  1. divya k p

    mam.can you please suggest a good moisturizing cream for dry skin

    • Vartika Kanaujia

      divya k p biotique coconut whiting and brighting best cream for dry skin

    • Blessy Blessy

      olay cream is good

  2. Sweta Sharma

    can u plz suggest Diy hair packs for smooth shiny hair

  3. Leela Leels

    Can u plz suggest cream for dark pigmented tips

  4. Bhavika Mehta

    Pls gve link to make home made pack.

  5. Namrata Das

    You are awesome mam,
    I want to avoid parlour treatment before wedding, can u plz suggest me diy facial instead of parlour stuff?

  6. Nethra G

    mam please tell skin whitening cream

  7. archana thank you sir

    please mam suggest moisturising cream

    • Shakeel Ahmed

      Thaks mam

  8. Manisha Balhara

    mam plzz tell me dry skin treatment n combination skin

  9. lavina manglani

    mam can u hlp me fr removing facial hair growth

    • js j


    • js j

      lavina manglani you can do waxing for removing facial hair growth

    • Taniya Mittal

      Yes mam plzz tell

    • Taniya Mittal

      j s waxing grows more hair

    • Babita Dubey

      mam how to remove blackheads becous my blackheads come again an again so please give me solution

  10. Sumera Fathima

    Mam i have got dry abd dull skin and now its getting darker too.. please suggest me how can i overcone this in a month please..

  11. jasmine panwar

    Ohhh great
    Actually my wedding will be on Feb so could u tell me should i start my parlor routine now.if not then when should I start ???

  12. Manita Khadka

    Hi,mam iam have a melesma problem from 4 years I tried everything nothing works,any suggestions…

  13. hlo mam

    mam mere face se pimples Ja nhi rhe bht Kujh try kiya.. last two years se hai pimples.. plzz help me

    • NBS #everything

      Try changing diet . . I too had pimples for 3-4 months then I absolutely stopped chicken and any junk and I could see results within 3-4 days.
      You can apply acnicin gel just on pimples and use cetaphil gentle cleanser as face wash.
      Also doxycillin 100 mg per day for 15 days will help

    • Roshan Gulzar

      hlo mam

    • Sweta Carvalho

      U can also use faceclin cream for your pimples

  14. jahnavi manchi

    hello mam my face colour was black than my neck and body how to recover my unceven tone

    • Her_heartstrings

      jahnavi manchi try aloe Vera gel its really great!

    • jahnavi manchi

      thank u for ur suggestion


    how to get rid of facial hairs?
    I don’t want to go for waxing.
    pls reply mam…

  16. Sana Ulla

    Hi mam once hot oil fell onto my hand and now it has left mark can u tell me hw it would go

  17. Ravneet Ap

    Hii man my weeding will on be Dec ..plz ask which facial is best on bride oily skin…and not side effect!

    • Ajay kumar

      Ravneet Ap


  18. Deval Patel

    Hi mem pls your clinic address pls

    • Ray Lesso

      Making mistakes and taking wrong steps are the most common problem among us. But, when your wedding day knocking at the door, at that time, making a blunder directly affects your bridal looks. When the nuptial day is just at a week distance, you need extra beauty regimen for the most bewitching and head-turning beauty of you. So, if you want to look the most beautiful version of yourself ever, of course, at first you need to know the beauty tips 1 week before wedding that surely help you to know what you need to do right now.
      Read more: https://www.brightbeautytips.com/beauty-tips-1-week-wedding/

  19. Susan Gallegos

    Hiya, this process appears to be too difficult, there is a quite simple way. Go to google and search: “Blast4beauty”. You can find lot of new tips to enhance your beauty.

    • Денис Черенчиков

      Wow Finally worked

    • Madeleine Joyce

      Fantastic.. This worked for everybody..

    • Марианна Крылова

      Thanks alot : ) buddy

  20. purnima punj

    Lots of questions without any ans