Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending!)

Aaron delivers a funny wedding speech for his brother. Get his tips at now. Whether you are the best man, the maid of honor, a groomsmen, a bridesmaid, a family member, or just a friend and want to know how to write a wedding speech, this video will give you ideas. Tip: to make your toast memorable, include a lot of wedding jokes.

A big thanks to Scott at for filming!

64 Responses to “Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending!)”

  1. Chris Craft

    better than most professional comedians

    • sarytag5

      Chris Craft ..

    • Matin

      wait what?

    • Job

      Chris Craft lol not.

    • Martin Jansen

      exactly! Comedy comes from pain, love and real life!

    • Thiago


  2. Robert Overmyer

    The guy who takes the podium after him: “Why did I have to go on after him. I got nothing.”

    • 33kingofkings

      Robert Overmyer haha it’s so true

    • Jeff Burdick

      he looks like Ted Cruz! lol

    • Short Snaps

      i thought the same thing hahaha!

    • MrBreach20

      Came here to the comments looking for this, thx!

    • Lex Lawless

      He looks mortified! LOL Probably has the most boring material ever and he’s like I’m going to choke!

  3. NLThijs1

    is this a wedding or a Roast?

    • C. Gustavs

      it is a wedding roast… 😀

    • Ella somers

      NLThijs1 oo

    • D C

      Package deal

    • Ben Tomlins


  4. Weeaboo_Peekaboo Lol

    “It’s amazing how far people would travel for a free meal” I lost it XDD

    • Charlene Word

      Weeaboo_Peekaboo Lol

    • Charlene Word

      Weeaboo_Peekaboo Lol

    • Luke Chadwick

      Been used in about a million weddings already

    • markbatch

      The aussie came for the free beer not the food

    • TRUTH MATTERS - not greed

      LOL …. Not just for free meal but I’m thousand percent sure, some people went there for free tequilas and other hard drinks.

  5. Michael Symonds

    Man the guy who went up after was screwed

    • Chuck Gregory

      Michael Symonds Yup, and it was Ted Cruz!

    • MrJeo29


    • AbsoluteMadDogâ„¢

      Was that the hilarious ending?

  6. Jenopa Arulan

    For such a funny person he hardly looked up at the audience

    • Punkrock david

      Sounds like he’s a funny guy just doesn’t have a lot of stage presence

    • Kedaar Iyer

      Jenopa Arulan Yeah he could have done a better job with eye contact but still a hilarious speech

    • DominatorGaming

      Probably has stage fright. So he avoids looking at all the people to avoid getting nervous. I did the same thing at a wedding

    • ManWhoKnocks

      Didn’t have to check if the jokes killed. He already knew so he just kept chugging along

    • DeathWish808

      The difference between him and me or some others that did funny stuff for our brothers in our speeches was that we had more time to write it and memorized it. Still had it written just in case, but never needed it. Once you get that first laugh, the anxiety weight comes off your shoulders quick.
      Seems like he just recently wrote it, if what he said about his brother having kidney stones the few days prior is true. If that’s the case then props for writing that so quickly.


    so many comments about the lack of eye contact but I lol everytime he looked up with that cute look on his face, i thought it made it even funnier

  8. sweetsecretshayaty

    This guy was so funny and cute!! His brother looked so happy too 😀

    • What is this?


    • BlitzconTM

      i think he got laid after

    • Hawaiian Paradise

      Funny people are the best!

    • Thiago


  9. Shieldwolf Miniatures

    “To the most important people here …the bar staff.” Lol!

    • D26

      Shieldwolf Miniature

    • kompera kompera

      xDD that was gold

    • Ana Tomlinson


    • RedPillsAreGood

      Ana Tomlinson 12:32

  10. Richard Sherman

    Wow this was actually funnier than comedians. He should become one hed do great things. take notes people

    • drepop803

      Richard Sherman not really. It’s easy to make ppl laugh at weddings. Ppl laugh for anything at these emotional days.

    • 90 %

      drepop803 exactly. No way this one speech would justify a career in comedy. I think the people who say that about this video obviously don’t understand actual comedy.

  11. pablo sanchez

    He got more laid that night than his brother

    • Ashlyn Teague

      Unless they are in an open relationship.

    • danron

      I think you misunderstand the context.

  12. Deadpool

    To the most important people in the room: the bar staff. lol

  13. Cody Sawler

    Canadian accent is strong in this one.

    • That's What "i" Said

      We don’t have accents. LOL

    • Rob Matthews

      no it isn’t. Listen to someone from Ottawa.

    • Broken_Dreamz Recharged

      You mean: strong in this one the Canadian accent is lol #yoda

    • kriss b

      ah Canadian AHHHH lol I’m Canadian proud of it.

    • Laura Hamilton

      He sounds very different on some of his vowels


    Best speech ever! But I am bias, because I am dutch and love his rough humor. Your last name says it all: Goodhoofd, actually “Goed hoofd”, which ofcourse means good head…that is apparent! Happy lives to all of you.

    • Martin Jansen

      Sarcasm is the best!

    • tarui

      good head *wink

    • Professer Calculus

      Love that

  15. Mandy Rastedt

    “Made him happy in a way I never could” BEST LINE EVER

    • Mr X

      I was laughing hard on this one. Its rare when i am alone. 😀

  16. Patrick Moore

    I’m going to murder Alan