First Dance Wedding Dance Tips Dancin’ David and Dawn Albany NY

Here are some simple tips to help you feel comfortable for your first dance as husband and wife. If you would like more check out our other videos or give us a call for private dance lessons 518-542-4272. We teach engaged couples from Saratoga Springs to Albany, NY. We can also DJ for your Albany Wedding.

23 Responses to “First Dance Wedding Dance Tips Dancin’ David and Dawn Albany NY”

  1. David Levesque

    Yes, she likes it.

  2. David Levesque

    You are very welcome!

  3. David Levesque

    Awesome Cris. Good luck to you!

  4. Helen Baylis

    I have chosen this as training for my husband to be, Thank you for putting this video up. I have to admit your videos are the only wedding tutorials that haven’t made me want to turn them straight off. Thank you again

  5. dziyah8

    Thanks for this, very useful!

  6. rav

    Private World by the New York Dolls has a rumba groove. Although most people might not lock into it at first. Being proto punk & all… but I would give anything to see people dance to the New York Dolls at a wedding.

  7. Zealotus0

    Your tips have helped us ALOT and we have just started. I have danced for a while now, but for my fiance she has 2 left feet haha. The way you explain it has helped so much, thankyou!

  8. James Patton

    he just wanted a kiss. lol

  9. Michiel De Gelder

    this is really helpfull, thank you!

  10. Mushi

    1:15 isn’t that a dance it self I just don’t know what its called.

    • Hek Ter

      its like he’s salsa dancing but slowly lol

  11. Zaphy

    This is really sweet :>

  12. Kelly Sampson

    absolutely lovely:D

  13. Chand Abbas Cz

    I don’t like this it is bakwas

    • melwyn menezes

      Ua head

    • melwyn menezes

      Its really cool

  14. ASJ27

    Jesus say the word dance more in the intro

    • Eve

      ASJ27 hahaaha i was thinking the same

  15. Jesse James

    Nice 😉

  16. Carolyn T

    You call that a dip

  17. carla smith

    good job as a tracher

  18. Sam Graves

    Bro I’m just trying not to black out during my first dance from anxiety and you have me doing spins right from the start. I just wanna try to sway.

  19. Aatip Kumar

    Nice sir