Top 5 Lighting Tips for Weddings with Ryan Brenizer: Wedding Photography Tips

In this Wedding Photography Tips episode, Ryan Brenizer offers his top five tips to improve your lighting when shooting weddings. When these effects are executed properly they can improve your photography and create gorgeous images.

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38 Responses to “Top 5 Lighting Tips for Weddings with Ryan Brenizer: Wedding Photography Tips”

  1. Charles Coverly

    How is something 10x closer the same as 10% closer?

    • L. Dam

      He misspoke. He clearly meant “10% of the original distance “.

    • B&H Photo Video

      +Charles Coverly It appears that Ryan Brenzier misspoke in that section while explaining the inverse square law.  The important thing to pay attention to there is that moving a light 10X closer would make it 100X as powerful.  We apologize for any confusion this might have caused.  *Christina*

  2. paperchaps white

    Wow anyone knows how the Desperate Housewives-esque opening was created? After Effects?

    • TalesOfWar

      +Daphne Long It’s called Parallax. It’s basically separate layers moving at varying speeds to give this kind of effect. I’m sure you can find out how to do this with After Effects with a quick search.

  3. Luke Myers

    This was really helpful! Much easier to digest than the 1-2 hour videos that B&H usually posts. Maybe it’s psychological, but I’d rather watch six 10 minute videos than one 1 hour video.

  4. Jason Sturgess

    I have shot over 20 wedding and never used a speed light !  Natural light is always best if you ask me.

    • bluecologne25

      “I’m a natural light-ies” is just a cover statement of “Im just scared to use external light because I don’t know what I’m doing”.

    • Josh Boddington

      So some of the greatest images of the last century are dull because they don’t use some complicated lighting setup? What? Prove you know what you’re saying by showing us some images of your own using lighting setups

    • bluecologne25

      Josh Boddington It does takes time and practice. But most of all it’s a learning curve. Something left behind from last century shooting style. And it’s not complicated, you’re just intimidated.

    • HipsterImage Studios

      cant tell if trolling or not lol. Natural light is also my favorite but to be decent not even great you should be able to use every tool available to get the best image/ client expectations. I know wedding photographers that don’t use flashes or any kind of lighting and they wonder why they only shoot like 20 to 30 weddings a year at 1000 bucks or so gig. To reach that next level were you can look a bride in the face and tell her your 4000 dollars for ten hours of coverage and show her why your worth that means mastery of multiple sets of equipment as well as a honed eye.

    • bluecologne25

      HipsterImage Studios yup very well said. But hey 30 gigs a year of $1,000 worth is already $30,000. Not bad for full time. But yeah thats a lot of restraint in the body lol. But like I said, thats what keeps you separate from othe “self-proclaimed” / natural light crap / mediocre photographers. they’re pretty much stuck with no growth in creativity. what if evening venue windows went dark and you just rely with ambient DJ lights? slow shutter speed? cranked ISO? Exposure slider on lightroom? investmenting enough on lighting is as important on investment on glass. don’t believe me? response and we’ll talk.

  5. Nathan Nicolle

    I found this video very inspiring.. it makes me want to become a wedding photographer more 🙂 I have shot one wedding so far and hope to have another one soon 🙂

  6. canturgan

    If you knew how to use off camera flash in manual mode you would get high quality, lower iso and accurate colour.

    • MegaMatojo

      +canturgan  Eh you talking to guy with twenty weddings under he’s belt. Okay?

    • Varun Kamal

      canturgan this shows you haven’t shot many ceremonies

  7. Roneel Kumar

    Ive learned so much in this short video. Thank you Ryan!

  8. Cateraoke Photography Weddings and Events

    Thanks for posting such a amazing wedding photography photo shoot, its awesome for learning.

  9. Vernon Nash

    Thank you for the very helpful tips. I’m shooting a wedding in a few months and these lighting techniques will be invaluable.

  10. Chandana C

    I find this guy very attractive

  11. Ed G

    how the hell did he pull off the image at 5:00! fantastic!

    • Stefan Majkic

      Backlight + Hair spray? : D

    • Wilander Xavier

      its intense. i just paused and kept staring at it

    • Marc

      maybe some sort of prism

    • shadyninja1

      Ed G that is a work of art. Kudos to you

  12. Ade Pollard

    Playing billiards with light – key comment.

  13. Biju G

    One of the most specific tips ever saw in videos.And the best or most surprised me was you said just turn the camera to portrait mode to change the direction of the flash light..that never crossed in my mind before…thank you very much

  14. James Richardson

    Your use of the flash is art, you can argue the merits of natural verses artificial light all day, but art is art. You wouldn’t look at a painting of a peacock and say it’s not very good because they chose to use a peacock quill instead of a brush……. Stunning photos, I learnt a lot.

    • Varun Kamal

      James Richardson that made no sense at all

  15. M7CVZ

    7:22, by moving a light closer you make it softer?

    • Nick Williamson

      Absolutely. The size of the light relative to the subject is increased and is therefore softer – like going from a small softbox to a large softbox..

    • Vince Khoo

      Yes. Most people think that the closer the light the harsher it is because it’s stronger. Well it is stronger but as Nick says, softness of your light depends on the size of the light source relative to the subject. The bigger the light source, the softer it is. The closer the light source is to your subject, the bigger the light source is :). While you probably need to lower the power of the light source, it is softer.

  16. Elena Newman

    I used to be very happy to find this youtube video-channel.I needed to thanks on your time for this glorious learn!! I positively having fun with every little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you youtube channel post.


    hello sir can you tell me how you create your initial 3d type slider clip

  18. James Muller

    Amazing! Thank you 🙂

  19. John Kennedy

    I’ve learned a lot with this short video, thank you so much Ryan!! you’re amazing.

  20. Kenzphotograph Y

    how to make that intro ? Please make a tutorial

    • B&H Photo Video

      Thanks for the video idea suggestion. We’ll take it into consideration. Thanks for checking out the video.