free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

Christian Tudor Academy of Photography will explain in detail how you could photograph a wedding – what equipment is necessary to take good wedding photos. The video is a detailed description of the wedding main parts, bride preparation, groom preparation, wedding ceremony and reception. You will find out about the best wedding photography equipment and the best poses.
If you want to become a wedding photographer this video will help you
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  1. Christian Tudor

    40,000 views on youtube
    2000 subscribers

    we are growing fast

  2. beentold

    Subscribed. Thank you very much for these great videos. Very informative with lots of practical examples!

    • Christian Tudor

      thank you

  3. Christian Tudor

    still leading the best wedding photography tutorial out there!

    • Mario Warren


  4. Paul Eckelman

    so far the best tips yet for all i have seen on you tube. great job. this will be my guide.

    • Christian Tudor

      thank you. I am happy it is of help!

  5. Christian Tudor

    thank you

  6. Tony Fernandez

    Thanks for the video, doing my first wedding next Saturday. I’ll probably play this everyday until then, thanks again!

    • Christian Tudor

      🙂 good luck…do not stress about it and try to have fun!

    • Bus Lan

      I’m going to be in that boat soon, so I’m wishing you the very best

    • Bus Lan

      oh just realised your post is a month’s old now.. hope your first experience went well? care to share the experience? I’d like to hear about what I will soon be experiencing  🙂

    • Tony Fernandez

      +Bus Lan cool thing brother, its a blast, these guys like +AcademyPhotography make it look easy though. Comes down to belief in yourself and your talents. If you have that your golden. 😉

    • Bus Lan

      +Tony Fernandez nice one bro. Glad it all went well for you. you’re right, confidence is really important, so is the determination to succeed in the trade.

  7. saby baloch

    Best wedding photography tutorial on youtube, thanks alot

  8. Paul Bell

    Very informative video, i also will be shooting my first wedding this year. This has helped me sort of get myself ready. Thanks for sharing 

  9. absolutely, Elisabeth!

    Thank you so much for your videos.  I am scheduled to shoot my first bridal shoot, and first weddings (2 in June and 1 in July).  I’m excited and nervous.  I have a Canon 5d and t3 and a 50mm, but I will rent to 24-70 and 70-200 until I can afford my own.  I will definitely be watching more of your videos.

    • Christian Tudor

      good luck and try to enjoy

  10. Ellie lux

    This is one of the best videos iv seen for a while, concise and informative with lots of examples. Thanks you for sharing your wisdom. 🙂 

  11. Ionut-Adrian Stanica

    verry happy to find this tutuorials i have 24 years old and i love photography thank you verry much for this video, you are a God for the new generation…:D

  12. Christian Tudor

    free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

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  13. Toshiko Breda

    This video is recommended to all photographers. Valuable content here!

    • Cams Hey

      Thanks a lot. You are great!

    • Salvador Deloney

      Whoa. Thanks man

    • Christian Tudor


  14. petermoel2

    I watched this a few months ago and watched it again.

    I’m not yet where you are, I admire your images shown in the video and will (hehe) steal a few ideas.

    After shooting a few weddings, this works for me: outside with aperture mode, between f2.8 and 16, depending on subject. Often I allow my Nikon D600 to go up to 1600, even 3200 in auto ISO, min shutter speed often 125th but adjusted for the scene,.freezing action or creating motion blur.

    Yes there is grain at ISO 3200, but software cleans it up OK. The D600 focus system is great, catches focus in almost complete darkness.

    Flash… I very, very carefully use fill flash outside, to overcome shadow in eye sockets and for nice catch light. Or for dramatic effects, dropping background into darkness. Often on TTL with -2 or -3 flash comp. Flash photography is still a challenge for me.

    I’m struggling the get the rear curtain action shots while dancing. You show sime reallt nice ones. Sometime out of a 100 shots 3 or 4 are usable.

    I’m using a 50mm 1.8, 90mm 2.8 macro, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8 and also carry a 17-35mm f 4. .. that doesn’t get used much for weddings. The 24-70 is my most used lens.

    My second camera is a D7000 by the way. 4 flashes, 4 radio triggers. Plenty spare memory cards and batteries, lens cleaner etc. All in 3-4 cheap version Pelikan cases.

    I just absolutely love shooting weddings! Great challenge, great responsibility, but so much fun!

  15. c102690

    Great job guy! Just found your channel today and have already watched 10 videos. I am an aspiring photographer and your videos have given me some creativity ideas. Thanks for sharing your knowledge freely. I look forward to watching many more of your videos. 

  16. फूर्पा ह्योल्मो

    Are you using the photoshop?

  17. Mariano Beuses

    Hello Mr Tudor, greats Easy tips , wedding photography is a very hard Job to do, and you show how to do it with only one flash on camara but reaching max level of the gear, greetings from Venezuela.

    • Christian Tudor

      +Mariano Alberto Beuses Garces thanks for feedback

    • Maksim Ivanovic

      +Mariano Alberto Beuses Garces Thank you for this video! It was very helpful. I can also recommend to you all – Elumpa fantastic photo alchemist. Google it i think you will find it very helpful when it comes to taking wedding pictures

  18. Jill Curty

    That was so helpful, thank you.

  19. Nick Irvine-Fortescue

    wow! so many tips about the whole wedding in only ten minutes!! Thanks, you’re super!

  20. Bob Witchger

    I have been shooting weddings and events for many years, you can still learn. This video and photographer provide a quick well thought out overview of wedding photography with many tips. Well done, well worth the time viewing and reviewing. Thanks

    • Christian Tudor

      +Bob Witchger thank you